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Grain suction machine
Release time:2015/9/22 14:17:50 Click rate:1091
Suction machine is a kind of new agricultural equipment, now in agriculture has a very wide range of applications, but may still have a lot of people do not understand. Here we have to see with suction unloader.
Pneumatic suction machine is applicable to the farm, docks, stations, large grain and other loading, unloading, to cover short positions, warehouse, warehouse, duo and food processing, feed processing and beer brewing industry in the production process of bulk, scattered transport, bulk unloading mechanical operation. Suction unloader according to the transportation process requirements can be a single operation, a plurality of combined operations, or with other equipment composition delivery system, to meet the requirements of different work. Has the characteristics of convenient operation, flexible layout, mobile houses, large conveying capacity, can save a lot of manpower and material cost.
Advantages: save labor, high efficiency, can be transported to the designated place, there is air dry dust.
Disadvantage: the transportation of materials has limitations, because the pipeline pressure is large, not suitable for thin fragile material.