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Grain Gravity separator application and work principle
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Grain Gravity separator application and work principle!
Grain Gravity separator application and working principle! Grain Gravity separator is composed of a feed suction device, storage hopper, suction hood, screen body, the eccentric shaking mechanism, transmission, rack and other components. Grain Gravity separator is the use of food and the mixed stone and the proportion of the suspension velocity of different means to flow through grain to grain and the mixed stone gap grading, alongside the stone complex in the lower layer, in the stone plate as a directional incline reciprocating motion under the stone to end, floating on the the upper grain under the action of gravity, to the discharge end of the flow, side by side stone isolated from food. The series of Grain Gravity separator is mainly used to clean up after rice, wheat and corn to the stone. Dual motor vibration, has high productivity, graded stone effect is good, low energy consumption, no dust flying, low noise, stable operation and other advantages. The proportion of Grain Gravity separator type is mainly used for food processing factory. The separation of impurities mixed stone proportion than grain from wheat and rice, but also can be used for the separation of impurities from some other grains.