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Grain Gravity separator
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Grain Gravity separator
Grain Gravity separator because professional so well! Our company is a professional engaged in the development, production and sales of buckwheat shell design of complete sets of equipment specialized production factory. Buckwheat shelling equipment plant is a patent product, suitable for buckwheat (common buckwheat and buckwheat) cleaning, grading, peeling, peeling, sorting and so on.
Grain Gravity separator is composed of 2 parts: the cleaning grading unit and shelling unit. The two part is independent, separate operation. Clean up the classification unit can be cleaned of buckwheat shelling machine; for each grade (except the smallest) were shelling, in addition to skin, a unhulled grain can be automatically returned to the sheller again shelling. Due to the use of the way of the first grade after the shelling, shelling and good separation effect, high efficiency, high rate of whole rice. The device has a high degree of automation, continuous processing, a meter high, peeling effect is good, is the ideal choice for the processing of buckwheat.
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