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The working principle of Grain Gravity separator
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The working principle of Grain Gravity separator
Grain Gravity separator use rate and high reliable
Grain Gravity separator is not subject to site constraints, can use general factory.
Grain Gravity separator according to the grain size, degree of humidity, were selected to adjust the speed.
This type of Grain Gravity separator is mostly with the whole plant equipment, such as machine, grinder, size sorting machine and so on. Can also be used stand-alone.
The principle of - use - characteristics:
The Grain Gravity separator is the key device of seeds and agricultural and sideline products processing, can be used for the separation of various granular dry material, the comprehensive effect of the airflow and vibration friction material production, materials with larger specific gravity settling to the bottom, with a high proportion of small screen for mobile, the material will flow to the lower suspension in the material surface layer according to the proportion, in order to achieve the purpose of separation.
The Grain Gravity separator is a comprehensive domestic and foreign Grain Gravity separator advantages and user demand for R & D and production of Grain Gravity separator, the Grain Gravity separator is widely applied in the processing of agricultural and sideline products processing industry and seed selection, the effects of various kinds of grain seeds have good. The Grain Gravity separator can eliminate the blighted grain, grain, bud moth, rotten, smut and glume grain size less than 2mm, the grass, sand, stone, earth can remove. Selection of seed weight, germination rate, purity, uniformity were improved significantly, especially after the seeds of maize, rice after cleaning, wheat, sorghum, cotton, beans, rape, Pinus tabulaeformis, Platycladus orientalis, vegetables, larch, spruce, Robinia pseudoacacia, the use of the Grain Gravity separator, the effect is more.
The Grain Gravity separator has reasonable design, good performance, high efficiency, easy operation, reliable operation, good versatility, balance, long service life, vibration is not easy to damage, the first in the domestic advanced level.
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