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5BYX-5H Seed Treater(With Dryer)


The machine fully absorb a variety of different types of coating products both international and domestic advanced technology.that is a new type of seed coating machine, which combine seed coating function with dry after the treatment function.The technical performance is advanced technical level.

(1),Uses the unique two-stage overspeed atomization device, causes the seed and the solution under high speed revolving, after forming the awl doliform curtain shape belt's seed and the atomization solution unifies fully, enhanced the solution and seed's adhesion and the coating uniformity enormously.
(2),Used the advanced elasticity to stir the dragon coating feedway, suited in the easy stave seed's coating, clear machine was convenient, was not stave. The complete machine uses the totally enclosed structure, because avoided the kind of clothes medicinal preparation smell overflowing to the personnel harm.
(3),Designed the adjustable current capacity creeping motion metering pump to supply the medicine, the medicine body not to contact the pump body, had guaranteed the precise medicine planted the allocated proportion, has solved the mechanical breakdown which because the former ram pump the solution jamming cone-way valve easy to appear. The medicine plants the allocated proportion in 1:20-1:125 (scope adjustable)
(4),The electric control has established the material and the solution flow sensor, enhanced machinery's stability, the reliability and the compatibility greatly.
(5),The machine designed and installed the electronic digital temperature control,this control make resistive into hot air drying circulation and convection device,then,drying the surface of the coated that there no need to insolate the coated seed before packing.we could pack the seeds directly after the machine.That improve work efficiency,saved time and labor cost.
(6),The machine has alarm system when there is liquid not enough,it would alarm you.

(7),The machine designed with cyclone dust removal system and pollution protect system,that is environment protected and low pollution for the place and healthy.

Used for corn,wheat,beans and other granular seeds.

2.Technical parameters:






Broken rate



Coating rate

Adjustment for the liquid with seed













3.The Detail